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High School Announcements -
Mt. Olive High School Bulletin for Tuesday, October 21, 2014
After School Detention Will be in Mrs. Anderson's room tomorrow from 3:15-3:45
Sophomores Classrings will be delivered next Thursday, October 30th. Josten's will be in our lobby from 7:30 to 8:05 am.
School of Nursing SIUE School of Nursing is holding their annual Open House "Explore Academic Excellence Day" this Saturday, October 25th, from 8:00-12:00. Pre-registration is recommended. See the college bulletin board or Mrs. Meurer for more information.
Juniors and seniors A Financial Aid Awareness program is scheduled for this Wednesday evening at 6:00 pm in the study hall for the parents of juniors and seniors to learn about the different types of financial aid available to help pay for college. Students are welcome to attend.
Boys Basketball and Wrestling Must have a physical turned into the office by Nov 10th
DARE DARE students will have a street collection this Saturday from 8:00 to 11:00 am. Show up at Jumpin Jimmie's 15 minutes prior to your shift. You will also be working on the Haunted House this Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Saturday morning will be after the street corner collection and will be until 5:00 pm. Get your costumes ready ASAP!! See Bob for all the details.
Seniors This is your last week for Sr. Achievements and baby pictures for the yearbook. Please remember to turn these items in.
Lunch tomorrow Ham, turkey and cheese on bun.
Breakfast Tomorrow Sausage bagel
Lunch Today Fiestada

Mt. Olive CUSD #5: Connecting the Community Community Computer Lab -
The Mt. Olive CUSD #5 is excited to announce the opening of a community usage computer lab. The computer lab is located in the Junior High building and can be accessed by using the west doors of the building. The lab will be open every Monday-Thursday from 3:45-6:45pm, except for holidays or inclement weather.

The lab will provide users access to the Windows based computers, internet, Microsoft office programs, basic computer training, and Illinois WorkNet. Illinois WorkNet is a free online training portal that can help users prepare and obtain jobs.

Users will be required to sign the District internet usage policy and also the computer lab usage policy. Users younger than Junior High age must have an adult accompany them. Additionally, there is a 25¢ per page printing fee for papers that are not school related.

Mt. Olive High School Yearbook -
Yearbooks will be available for purchase online this year from Click above to view the demo video on the new process.
First time signing in? After watching the video click “Create an Account” and enter our School Passcode: 101408988673966 to activate your account.

September High School Newsletter -

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Senate Bill 16 Need Our Support Now. - A Note From The Superintendent's Desk

Families and Friends of Mt. Olive Community Unit School District #5,

I am writing to ask you to join in my effort to raise awareness and support the Illinois School Funding Reform Act of 2014, also known as SB16. This bill helps better fund our student's education and provides fairness for ALL the students in Illinois.

For the first time since the 90's, Illinois has the opportunity to change how schools are funded. In May, the Illinois Senate passed legislation (SB16), which better directs existing state dollars to the neediest students. While there is no doubt that as a state we need to invest more in educating our children, first we must fix how we invest those dollars. We are only as strong as our neediest children.

If we get this right we ALL win. The time is NOW. We cannot wait. Here is why:

* Illinois has cut $1.4 billion from public education since 2009.
* Funding disparities continue to worsen in a state with one of the largest equity gaps nationwide.
* Majority-minority districts have been hit the hardest.
* The state spends $2,500 less per-student than what the state's independent funding commission recommends.
* Low-income students have been hurt the most. For four years now, Illinois school districts that are most reliant on state support have been hit hardest.
* Illinois contributes just a quarter of the total investment in K-12 education statewide while other states, on average, cover half.

Under our current system, no one wins. Nationally Illinois ranks 49th in state funding for students and the reality is that under our current system we all lose.

Who supports SB16?

A long and growing list of districts, leaders and organizations can be found at

How can you help?

Reach out to your State Representative to let them know you are paying attention to the SB 16 and support state dollars going to those students most in need. That's what state dollars are supposed to do.
If you are involved in local organizations, reach out to them, set up a meeting, and encourage them to get involved.
Senate Bill 16 would be transformational for communities across the state whose needs are not being fully assessed. We currently have a funding formula that is broken.
We should all advocate for more education funding overall. But during these dire times in education funding, there is even greater need for a system that directs state dollars to the kids that need them the most.
Given what's at stake for our community, and more broadly for our entire state, I urge you to get involved and have your voice heard.

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